About Aziverso

I am working in Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, it is an amazing company working in many innovative areas, my role is Global Azure Lead and I need to support many departments and people around the world on many different issues and Azure areas.

During this time I learned so many things about Microsoft Azure and I realised how  much complicate and articulate is.
From Governance to Security, from Integration to DevOps, from Infrastructure to Networking, from Costs to Auditing and DR and a lot more, there are so many things and areas to take care about.

There are many important rules and best practices to follow, many strategies able to save a lot of money and other able to compromise the entire company and the investments.

In the time I found many ways to make my life easier, I use many tools, sometime too many, and because I am also a developer, I started developing my tool.
I was looking for something able to provide me an easier way to manage some of the most usual situations and giving to me the option to support my colleagues and companies quickly.

I am enjoying so much AOC and I put new things anytime I need, everything I implement is focused on making my life easier and to work better and faster in Microsoft Azure,.

AOC is my best friend able to keep me alive in a such complicate technology landscape.

To publish a tool or something similar you need a name and I decided for something able to describe that at the best, Azure Office Companion.

These words exactly describe the meaning of the tool, useful for Azure, based on Microsoft Office and my best daily inseparable companion.

With AOC I manage situations and issue related to many things like costs, development, infrastructure, troubleshooting, all depend by how I use it.

Referring to Star Wars, I would say that AOC contains the dark side of my technical soul.

For sure you will find some bugs, in that case I will appreciate if you can send me the report or better your feedback, you will find all you need in the application toolbar.
Single person or Company you are, feel free to collaborate with any idea or proposal, just contact me and write down any thought or idea.

I continuously implement new functionalities, I do that because I need them, spending evenings creating new features and I will release them in the time (not every evening, the wife wouldn’t be so happy 😉).

Explaining what I do and how I use AOC is too long, I will write some posts and articles in the time in my blog, the best thing to do to better understand AOC is using it.

Feel free to use it if you like to, I hope you will enjoy it like I do.

Nino Crudele, the author.