Settings form provides all application settings.
At the first start Aziverso will require to create the first setting, to create the new setting refer to the How To section in the web site or the link below.



  • Use this button, select the configuration you want to use and click the button to apply it, Aziverso will use this setting from now.
  • Name: this is the name of the configuration, you can change the name and click save to directly create a new configuration clone and setting.
  • Tenant ID: Your azure tenant ID
  • Application Id: the application id used by the Aziverso in AD.
  • Application key: the application key used by Aziverso in AD.
  • Blob Container: the blob container used by Aziverso
  • Blob Conn. String: the blob connection string used by Aziverso
The full video explaining how to retrieve these parameters is available at
Aziverso requires read access only.