How to setup and start working with Aziverso


Install Aziverso Important note If you already have the old version installed named Azure Office Companion, then follow the steps in the article below first: To install Aziverso, there are three available options: Office 2019 If you have Microsoft Office 2019 you can use this option directly Office 2016 If you have Office 2016

Introduction to Aziverso


Aziverso is a multiverse add-in for Microsoft Office able to offer many features to speed up the Azure professional work, it is free to use and supported by the community.Aziverso has been developed by Nino Crudele, he is 12 years Microsoft Azure MVP and he daily supports a large number of companies in Microsoft Azure.

Aziverso Costs Usage


Introduction Usages form provides different ways and option to calculate costs and statistics, a single or multiple subscription can be selected. All options work selecting a single or multiple subscription. Functionalities Filters and Options Years: insert the year using the format YYYY Month: insert the month using the format MM Custom Billing: in some cases,

Aziverso Settings


Introduction Settings form provides all application settings. At the first start Aziverso will require to create the first setting, to create the new setting refer to the How To section in the web site or the link below. Functionalities   Use this button, select the configuration you want to use and click the button